Masonry Construction Technology

Instructor:  Mr. Fred McGarry
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CIP Code:  46.0101

The Masonry and Building Construction Technology Program prepares students for careers in the masonry construction field, apprenticeships, or post-secondary education. There are two elements to the program. The hands-on component of the program provides instruction on block, brick, stone, glass block, concrete, and plastering along with building walls, chimneys, arches, fire-places, and other structures. The theory component of the program includes mortar, chimneys, foundations, fireplaces, arches, estimating, blueprint reading, and safety.  Students will complete individual and group projects, which will include written exercises.

Students are trained in all phases of masonry. The course offers hands-on experience with block, brick, stone, tile, and concrete. Students build walls, piers, panels, fireplaces, arches, steps and other related projects.

Students also do many live projects for different community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and other charity organizations.  They also do a lot of live work onsite at the CCCTC.

Theory consists of learning about footers, identifying different bricks and blocks, waterproofing, bond estimating, blue print reading, and safety. The course is designed by area contractors and bricklayers to create the finest of apprentices.

Students have the opportunity to earn their CDL at a significantly reduced cost!

Job Facts:

  • 15,000 new jobs created in Masonry each year

  • Masonry is on Pennsylvania’s top 40 jobs outlook

  • Union scale for masons is over $40/hour

  • 1 out of every 7 bricklayers has his/her own company

Career Information:

Work in masonry is a combination of physical and mental activity. Skills needed to master the trade include good physical condition, coordination and dexterity. Lifting heavy objects is an integral part of masonry. Also a very good math background and problem solving skills are required to meet the needs of the job. Measuring, calculating estimation materials, and reading scales on blueprints are just some of the applications of math that are necessary.

The bright future in Masonry is high pay and diversified areas in which to specialize. Masonry is a great trade you can use forever.

Masons have to be artistic and creative to be able to create beautiful things; for example, tile in a bathroom, bricks in homes, stone used in churches, concrete sidewalks, plastering, terrazzo, marble work, and restoration of older buildings and monuments.

What are the Benefits?

The Masonry Construction Technology program prepares students for post-secondary education and/or jobs upon graduation from high school. The Masonry field offers some of the following careers:

  • Blocklayer

  • Bricklayer

  • Concrete Contractor

  • Laborer

  • Masonry Contractor

  • Tile Setter

  • Stonemason

What is Masonry Construction Technology?

Masonry Construction Technology provides hands-on training to learn how to lay block, brick, stone, glass block, concrete, and plastering along with building walls, chimneys, arches, fireplaces and other structures

  • 15,000 new jobs are created in   masonry each year 

  • Masonry is one of Pennsylvania’s High Priority Occupations 

  • Union scale for masons is more than $40/hour 

  • One out of every seven bricklayers has their own company

 Skills Needed:

It takes the right skills and attitude to be successful at any career you choose.  As a masonry student, it is expected that you know about and have the      following skills:

  •  Independent worker

  • Precise measurements

  • Communication skills

  •  Ability to lift heavy objects

  • Ability to read blueprints

  •  Ability to follow directions

  •  Ability to bend over and stand for long periods of time.

College Credits available in Carpentry and Building Construction from: 

  • St. Francis University

  • Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

  • PA College of Technology

  • Excelsior 

  • Soar Credits

Adult Education Information

$7,000.00 – Includes books, NOCTI, & OSHA Certification
Estimated expenses not included in tuition:
Criminal Record Check – $22.00
Child Abuse Clearance – $13.00
Federal Criminal History Record-$23.85
2 Class Shirts – $12.00
Uniforms – $100.00
Work Boots – $100.00
$300.00 deposit that will go toward tuition  

Academic Year:  9 months/900 hours
Start Date: 
Monday-Friday,  8:00 am-2:30 pm

Book included in tuition:
ISBN 9781418052843
Residential Construction Academy: Masonry, Brick, and Block Construction
Robert Benjamin Hamm