Diversified Occupations

Diversified Occupations (D.O.) A training opportunity for a student that is not already attending the CCCTC.  This experience gives the student a chance to receive credit toward graduation while working part of the school day.  The student gains work experience in a career area that they have an interest in but is not offered at CCCTC.  4 Easy Steps to apply…Step 1. Be employed at a job with at least 15 hours a week.  Step 2. Get a Co-Op Enrollment Application from you high school counselor.  Step 3.  Complete Application.  Step 4.  Return Application to CCCTC Co-Op Coordinator.  Co-Op/Do Applications can occur at ANY time and be added at any time during the senior year.  Students can earn the following certifications: NOCTI Certificate, OSHA Certification, and 450 Hours of Instruction Certificate.