CCCTC Programs

A person working on the underside of a lifted vehicle in a garage, surrounded by tools.

Automotive Mechanics Technology

A person in a workshop, using a measuring tape on a piece of wood placed on a table, surrounded by various woodworking tools and materials.

Carpentry and Building Construction

A person working on the underside of a lifted vehicle in a garage, surrounded by tools

Collision Repair Technology

A graphic representation of various professional and technical skills surrounding the words “Cooperative Education,”

Cooperative Education

A bustling hair salon with multiple customers, featuring a stylist attentively working on a client’s hair

Cosmetology – High School

Professional chefs in black attire busily cooking on stovetops in a commercial kitchen

Culinary Arts & Food Management

A person is engaged in meticulous work on a large, complex machine, performing adjustments or repairs,

Diesel Equipment Maintenance and Repair

 A creative team is actively engaged in a video production setup, surrounded by essential equipment like a camera, lighting, and microphone

Digital Media Arts

A colorful graphic showcasing a variety of occupation-related icons, such as a camera for photography, a computer for IT, and tools for manual labor

Diversified Occupations

A focused individual working on a computer in a multi-station workspace

Drafting & Design Technology

A person is engaged in the meticulous task of installing or repairing a light fixture

Electrical Occupations

Two individuals clad in red tops are diligently practicing CPR on training manikins within a clinical setting

Health Occupations Technology – HIGH SCHOOL

 A person is meticulously working on the internal wiring of a machine

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

A person is deeply engaged with a computer

Information Technology

A person clad in a Penn State hoodie and cap is holding two large pieces of broken concrete

Masonry Construction Technology

Two healthcare professionals are attentively attending to a patient in a clinical setting

Practical Nursing – ADULT

An image of a red truck

Truck Driver Training (CDL)- ADULT

A person clad in protective gear, including a helmet adorned with various stickers, is engaged in the skilled task of welding

Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology