The best way for a high school student to obtain entry into the CCCTC is to contact your school guidance counselor or print the application and take to your school guidance counselor. If you still have questions about the CCCTC that your guidance counselor cannot answer, then contact our guidance counselor directly at 814-765-5308 or Email CCCTC . If you have program specific questions, you may email the instructor directly by clicking here for the instructor’s email. Also remember that sending schools have scheduled visits to the Career Center at various times during the year, and we encourage you to come and visit us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to college if I attend the CCCTC?

YES! Many of the programs we offer have agreements with colleges and technical schools to use skills learned at CCCTC toward credits earned in their institutions.

Does it cost anything for high school students to attend the CCCTC?

Not for tuition, but there is minimal cost for uniforms in some shop areas.

Can I stay in college prep courses at my high school?

YES! You are encouraged to take advanced courses so you will be eligible for college credits after you graduate.

What if I am told I am “too smart” or that it is not my “best option”?

If you know what your career path is, go for it! Nothing should stop you from getting a head start on your college-level education in school…for free!

Can I still play sports and do other activities at my high school?

YES! CCCTC supports involvement. The more activities on your resume, the better success you will have in higher education and getting a job.

What if I choose the wrong program?

The great part about the CCCTC is that there is no wrong choice, it is all part of your journey to your future education/employment.  You also have the option of switching shop areas if you change your mind, depending on what areas have space in their class.